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PB Personal Training works together with different paramedics - Nutritionists & Diëtitians. They all have different specialisements and different approaches. Please take a look on their websites to choose which paramedic fits you:

Nutritionist & Dietician

Just like exercise, a balanced diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Whether there is a medical condition in which a dietary intervention is required, or a wish for more depth in eating habits and knowledge, DDietist Dietetics can help you.


DDietist Dietetics offers professional nutritional care and is specialised in sports nutrition and (medical) complaints with possible nutritional causes. In order to provide you the right diet plan in addition to your trainings, DDietist Dietetics works closely together with Paulo Bibiano.


DDietist dietetics offers package consisting of one intake including a body composition measurement and a personal dietary advice, two to four follow-up consultations. Of course you can have more consultations if needed. DDietist dietetics has no contracts with health insurers to protect your privacy. Dietary advises/treatment is covered by the basic health insurance (three hours covered, marktconform priced, when your own risk is finished).


For more information, ask Paulo or check out our website:


Are you ready to improve your health, lose weight or gain more muscle mass with a healthy diet? We hope to hear from you!



Dascha Willemsen, (Nature)Nutritionist & Diëtitian, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist for Dietetics.

Personal Trainer Dietist Amsterdam NASM Afvallen Spieren opbouwen, Lose Weight, TRX, Outdoor training, Beste Personal Trainer, Best Personal Trainer ... Dietitian for Expats in Amsterdam) ... In order to provide you the right diet plan in addition to your trainings, BBB Dietetics works closely together with Paulo Bibiano.

Dietistenpraktijk DDietist - Specialised in Hormone Balance, Eating Disorders, PCOS, Pre/Post Pregnancy advice, Pure diet advice, Refined sugar free, lactose free, gluten free, wheat free, soy free diet advice, Children, Teenagers, Thyroid problems, Diabetics type1 & type 2, Gaining and losing weight, Malnutrition, Food-- and lifestyle advice after Bariatric Surgery, Food advice and Cancer, medical complaints and nutritional advice etc. 


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