Package: Personal Training & Dietetics

Total Lifestyle Guidance.

Dietistenpraktijk DDietist and PBPersonalTraining offer a 'lifestyle guidance' package. We combine our expertise.


Our package offers a 10 weeks program with intensive guidance on nutrition, lifestyle, behaviour & training sessions.


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Dietetic consultations can be taken/follow online or in practice.

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Lifestyle Guidance

Personal Training & Nutritional advice from a Registered Dietician.


- Intake (60 minutes administration (indirect time) + 60 minutes (direct time))

- Personal Nutritional plan (digital)  (3x 60 minutes (Calculation & designing)

- Long consultation (60 minutes)

- 5 x Short consultation (5x 30 minutes)

(765 euro) 


Personal Training:

- 20x Personal training session from 60 minutes each.

(1380 euro)

This package includes:

Contact hours between the dietician and personal trainer, regarding to: 

Alignment of the lifestyle coaching from the dietician and PT together.

The dietician and PT keep contact about your personal goals, progress, etc.

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2145 euro

Discount: 146 euro


Combi Price: 1999 euro

(All prices are incl. 9% BTW for PT)

(Dietetics is free of BTW - 0%)

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