Which program would you like to follow. PBPersonalTraining provides different training programs;

Weight loss, Sport performance, Train at home, Physio-personal training, Partner training, Tone & Sculpt, Outdoor training.

Weight Loss

Would you like to get back in shape after your pregnancy, get slim to fit your wedding dress, or simply just feel healthier, fit and happy about your body? Did you've tried everything to lose weight but haven’t been successful. Do you keep jojoing in bodyweight and getting back to your old bad habits over and over again? PBPersonalTraining, Paulo Bibiano listens to your personal story and together with a registered dietitian & cognitieve behaviour therapist we will create a plan that gives you the desired and sustainable results.

Physio-personal training

Do you have an injury or physical impairment but still would like to lose weight or work on your fitness goals. In this program PBPersonalTraining offers the right medical support that allows you to keep exercising consistently without provoking the physical complaints and support you with rehabilitation. Paulo Bibiano will guide you as your personal trainer and help you reach your goals in a safe manner.

Outdoor training

Would you like to get fit, but doesn't like the gym or other training accommodation inside. Then PBPersonalTraining also trains outside. Think about the park (Vondelpark), Amsterdamse bos, or another location where training is possible. 

Sport Performance

Are you an athlete and or practice a specific type of sport but require more guidance from a specialist to enhance your performance. Would you like to work on certain muscles to increase agility, speed, strength, stability and condition? Paulo Bibiano, Personal Trainer, has a broad knowledge on different exercise methods. He will adjust the training to your needs to create a personalised program that suits your goal(s) and sport.

Partner training

Train together with your partner, friend or colleague and achieve results together! This is a great way to stay motivated and make exercising more fun. You still experience the benefits of a personal training session such as attention and a more effective workout but with lesser costs. Exercising with a partner and achieving results together can be extremely satisfying.

Train at home

Are you too busy and limited in time to go to the gym or simply enjoy the pleasure of training at your own home. PBPersonalTraining offers you a unique solution: The personal trainer, Paulo Bibiano, will train you at any desired location (in Amsterdam). During your lunch break at work in the office gym, outside in the park or at your home. PBPersonalTraining offers a complete package with one-on-one training, nutritional advice (when interested) and frequent health check-ups to monitor your progress. We do charge an additional cost of €25 to cover travelling costs & traveling time.

Tone & Sculpt

To get fit and toned, you need the right combination between nutrition, exercise and intensity (total body workout). High intensity cardio moments in combination with effective muscle training methods will sculpt your body into shape in no time and help get rid of those last few stubborn kilos. Are you already active in the gym for some time but haven’t been able to book great results? Then it's time to try out this 'toning personal training program'.

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